When entering does site the navigator warn to me that it is an attacking site that I can do?

when entering a webpage and the navigating sample that cannot enter because it is an attacking site or the anti-virus activates. It is because the site can contain some Malware or some redirection to an attacking site.

They must verify his code and its data bases

A service exists that allows to analyze its site and to repair it of automatic form


It scans his website in search of malware automatically and protects the reputation of his site

Security of the website & Protection against malware for its website.



„¢, The world-wide leader in security of websites, protects his website to give tranquillity him.

SiteLock's I scan newspaper of malware identifies vulnerabilities and well-known malicious codes and automatically eliminate it of their website to protect their website and its visitors against threats.


  • In addition, it obtains the seal of confidence of SiteLock, that generates confidence in the client and is verified who increases to the rates of sales and conversion.
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