It protects your website with daily automatic backup copies

It obtains protection against virus, hackers and even his own code that accidentally breaks its site with the Backup copy of the website of CodeGuard.

Every 0,65 seconds, a new webpage is infected with malware.

It protects your site of loss of data and corruption, as well as against the threats of Virus, hackers and malware. with automated backup copies of website of CodeGuard.

With Backup de CodeGuard, a daily backup copy of its website is realised and, if it happens a disaster, it can recover his site to a previous point in the time with the click of a button.

  • Automatic daily backup copies
  • Machine of time
  • WordPress To update plugins
  • Arerta of changes in archives
  • Malware Detection and restoration

Backup copy storage chooses


Daily automatic endorsements

Automatic daily Backup with built-in redundancy.

Archives and limitless Data bases

Backup copy of archives and limitless data bases: it is restricted only by the space that it contracts.

Recovery in a click

It facilitates the recovery of a single file or its complete website to a previous version.

Malware monitoring

It rests calm knowing that CodeGuard monitors its site in search of changes every day.

Updates of WordPress

It updates his Wordpress without preoccupations with the automatic recovery in case of faults.

Monitoring of change of file

It receives warnings by email electronic whenever something changes within the source code of its site.

Previous bollard the recovery

It sees any site endorsed with a previous view before recovering.

Complete automatization

Configuration free hands and continuous backup copies with notifications in case of fault.