As I can register my page in Google and Bing

To all our clients of domain and/or Web Hosting, we offer the service without no cost after 15 to 30 days of having contracted the service, but we did not guarantee the location in that sera placed.

We recommended to verify the title, description and key words and content to him that its site has

Any doubt with taste we are to serve to them

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Why isn't my site seen in the web search engines as Google?

It is possible that your website does not appear on the front page of the search that you do€¦.

Are Their servers?

We have own servers marks Dell, located in the city of Mexico in datacenter of€¦

As soon as time they activate my account?

The accounts activate in a maximum period of 5 hours of Monday through Friday after confirming his€¦

How contract?

All the orders must be drafted from our website selecting the plan that you wish€¦.

How I obtain access to the designer in line?

It only raises to a ticket in the support department soliciing the activation of the service