As knowing if to my site or this registered or indexed in Google?

How to know if my site is indexed in Google?

To have a webpage but not to be registered in finders is as not existing

If your webpage aprece in the finders does not mean that only people who already have some relation with you, but these enter your site losing possible clients.

OneTheApp (services of Web Hosting, Domains and Design Web) offers without cost the registry in finders to its clients of Domain or Web Hosting.

The form to know if your site already this indexed in Google and whichever pages has indexed of your webpage 

It writes in the finder of Google:
site: [tusitio]

With this sabras if already these registered and whichever Google pages have indexed, in addition to knowing as considers but important, since it showed them in the first places.

Functions exist but outposts that you Dahran but information on as they have indexed your site in google for it exists the tool Search Google

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