How to use the DNS of Google and what advantages have

To use dns of Google allows to accelerate a little of Internet when visiting webpages

The DNS of third parties have become an essential one for many users who happen more and more of the assigned ones by defect through their operator to give an opportunity to others. Those of Google DNS always have been most popular

If something characterizes to the suppliers of Internet at world-wide level, it is not indeed the great quality of the services that render (in some sites they are worse than in others), for this same reason often we presented problems with our connections that slow down the speed. In this case of using different DNS a little can help us.

In Windows

  • We open the Control Panel and soon we looked for the option Networks and Internet Center of networks and shared resources.

  • In the panel of the left we click in the option: To change configuration of the adapter and we soon selected the networking that we are going to publish clicking right envelope she and Property.

  • In the eyelash Functions of network we selected to the item IP version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and soon click in the button Properties.

  • In the General eyelash we marked the option To use the following directions of servant DNS and respectively wrote and in the fields favourite Servant DNS and alternative Servant DNS.

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