To form Mail in Gmail

To form accounts of mail of your domain in Gmail

The service of gratuitous mail of Google €œGmail€ allows the configuration me of accounts of mail of lodged own domains in OneTheApp

To form an account of mail of an own domain in the service of Gmail (Google) - not to confuse with Google Apps- is a simple task that we are going to detail in this tutorial.

1) To accede to the account of Gmail and to click in the option Configuration (icon gears in the right corner superior).
2) In the section Accounts and Import, the section To consult the mail of other accounts: to click in Adding a mail account.
3) To indicate the account to form.
4) To form the data for the account (Usuary (complete account of mail) Password and servant MGP: port 110). If you want to maintain copies of the messages in the servant of mail of OneTheApp, you must mark the square To leave a copy of the message recovered in the servant (if you do not have space is better than you do not activate it). To deactivate the Option To always use a connection safe connection SSL.

5) If the process has been realised correctly we passed to the following screen doing click in Following step.
 Next we formed the name with which they will realise the mail shipments. Important to deactivate the square To try as an alias.
7) The following thing will be to form the data necessary to be able to realise shipments with this account from Gmail. User 
8) The following thing will be to introduce in the asked for field the confirmation code that we will receive in the mail account (the one that we are forming, not the mailbox of Gmail). If the introduced code is correct we will have finalized the process of configuration of the account of our domain in Gmail. servant (These name of servant was sent with your data of activation of Hosting)
Important to use Puerto 25
User (complete Account of mail)
and to select the option 
We will receive a mail of confirmation of the account of mail in Gmail, sent by the Equipment of Gmail.

In this mail we will find a connection (something extensive) that it asks for to us to confirm all the process. Clicking in this connection we must see a message as the following one that guarantees to us that the process has been correct and that we can make use of the account in Gmail. 

As of this moment we will be able to receive post office sent to the formed account and to consult them from Gmail, or from our client Web, tablets or smartphones with total comfort.




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