To form Mail in IPHONE

Configuration of email in IPHONE or IPAD


1. - Previous configuration of the account

It accedes to €œAdjustments€ and it presses in the section Passwords and accounts.



Next it beats in the option To add account.



It selects the option Another.



It beats in the option To add mail account.



2. - Main data of the account

In the following screen you must introduce the referring parameters to the mail account (name, mail, password and description) and beats Following.

Note: Ten in account that if the user or the key appears by defect in some of the sections of the configuration, you must again introduce the data and eliminate those that are by defect.



It selects the type of account IMAP/POP and introduces the data of the servant of entrance and exit of the mail account that you are forming (these data were sent by active email when the service of hosting).







In the servant of salient mail he appears as €œOptional€ the data of user and password. You must introduce them obligatorily or you will not be able to connect with the servant.

Usuary smtp is the complete account of mail and its password that assigned when creating the account to him



Next, if it appears a window that it indicates €œImpossible to verify the identity of the servant€, it beats in the option To continue. 

Note: it is possible that the window appears to you twice, one for incoming mail IMAP and another one for the salient smtp.



3. - Options outposts of the mail account

Once kept the account, it accedes again to the configuration of the account to modify the advanced parameters. For it enters €œAdjustments --> Passwords and accounts " and beats in the account that you finish forming.



In the configuration of the account Servant beats in option smtp of the section €œsalient mail€.



In this screen is the option €œTo use SSL€. It is necessary that it is deactivated and the connection port must be 578. Once verified it beats in OK.



Again in the window €œAccount€, it accedes to the Advanced section.



In this it completes window, you must deshabilitar the function of the SSL and verify that the connection port is the 143 for IMAP or 110 for MGP. Once verify data it beats next in Account and in OK.



Realised all the steps, you will have your account of mail formed in your manager of Iphone.



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