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Configuration of the account of e-mail in Microsoft Outlook 2007
In order to send and to receive e-mails using Microsoft Outlook 2007, it must form his account as it is described next:
It initiates Microsoft Outlook 2007. It clicks in the menu Tools and selects Configuration of the account€¦
In the eyelash E-mail, it clicks in New€¦
It fills up all the fields necessary to include the following information:
Its name: Its name enters as it wishes that it appears in the field Of: of the salient messages.
Email address: Her complete email address enters (
Password: Its password of e-mail enters.
It manually forms the configurations of the servant or types of additional servers: it selects this square of verification and it clicks in Following.
When it is asked for to him To choose service of e-mail, it selects E-mail of Internet to connect itself to his servant MGP, IMAP to send and to receive e-mail messages. It clicks in Following.
In the dialogue picture Configuration of e-mail of Internet, it verifies his information of user and it enters the following additional details:
information of the servant
Type of account: He selects POP3 or IMAP
Servant of incoming and salient mail: that information was sent by active email when its service
Type of account: MGP
Servant of incoming mail: mail.
Servant of salient mail:
Type of account: IMAP
Servant of incoming mail: (for example:
Servant of salient mail:
Information of beginning of session
Name of user: its name of complete user enters (just as its email address)
Password: Its password of e-mail enters
To require beginning of session using the authentication of safe password (SPA): it leaves this option without marking.
It clicks in More configurations
Not to use Safe connection or SSL.
€¦ and it selects salient Servant
It marks the square next to My servant of exit (SMTP) it requires authentication and makes sure that the option To use the same configuration that my servant of incoming mail is selected.
It clicks in Accepting soon and in Following
Generally, the port used for the Servant of salient mail/Service smtp is 25. Nevertheless, it can have a situation in which their ISP is blocking the use of port 25 for service smtp. Many ISP block port 25 to diminish the amount of Spam sent through their network. If predetermined port 25 has problems to send e-mails using, it can confirm with his ISP if port 25 indeed is blocked by them.
In order to avoid this, it can use an alternative port 587 to send post office if port 25 is blocked. Thus it is how:
a) In the menu Tools, it selects to Options - > Configurar mail and clicks in Accounts of e-mail
b) It selects his account and it clicks in Changing upon the list of accounts
c) It soon clicks in More configurations and in the Advanced eyelash
d) In the field Servant of exit (SMTP), it replaces the number of predetermined port 25 with the number of alternative port 587
e) It clicks in Accepting - > Following - > Finalizar - > Cerrar and soon To accept to keep the changes
That is everything, your account has been formed! When doing click in Sending/To receive, Outlook 2007 will unload all their e-mail.
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