To form Outlook 2013

1) When it opens Outlook for the first time, will appear the message €œWelcome to Outlook 2013€, does click in the Following button.

2) The following screen will ask to him €œIt wishes to form Outlook to connect itself to an e-mail account? €, Elija Sí and clicks in the Following button.

3) In the menu Configuration of automatic account, he selects to the option for Configuration manual or additional types of servant, soon he clicks in Following.

In the menu To choose service, clicks in option MGP or IMAP and soon clicks in the Following button.



Soon it will see the menu of configuration of account MGP and IMAP, fills up the fields.


Next is a description of the fields:


Option Description

Its Ingrese name the name that wishes that they see the people whom it sends by email electronic, as: John Smith

Ingrese email address its complete email address, as:

Type of account Chooses if he wishes to use MGP or IMAP. Of predetermined form, MGP unloads and eliminates its e-mails of the servant, whereas IMAP leaves them in the servant.

In our tests, we are forming an account MGP.

Servant of incoming mail

Standard configuration:

Standard configuration of the servant of salient mail (SMTP):

Name of user Enters its complete email address, as for example:

Password Introduces the password for this email address.

To remember password I recommend to mark this square, so that Outlook keeps its password.

To require beginning of session using (SPA) does not mark this square.

 It clicks in the button More configurations.

It clicks in the eyelash Servant of exit.

My servant of exit marks €œ(SMTP) requires authentication€.


He marks €œTo use the same configuration that my servant of incoming mail€.

He clicks in the Advanced eyelash. Its configuration enters, next there is a description of the options available.

Option Description

Incoming servant

Its preferred configuration chooses, next they are the options available.

Standard (POP3): 110

Standard (IMAP): 143

Servant of exit

Standard: 25 * or 587

* Often, the ISP will block this port for their use with their e-mail. It is possible that it wishes to consider the use of port 587

Not to use safe connection or SSL

It clicks in the button To accept.


It clicks in the Following button, Outlook will prove the configuration of the account.


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