Security of e-mail, done for you

It regains the control of his inbox

Incoming Email

It protects your Email

It eliminates Spam & Virus of your Email before it arrives at your equipment

by $750,00 MXN/anual x Domain
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Outgoing Email

It protects the reputation of your Domain

It avoids that Spam and virus leave your network by means of your email without knowing it

by $750,00 MXN/anual x Domain
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It almost blocks the 100% of the virus, malware and Spam before they arrive at his inbox.

Incoming email offers all these benefits€¦.

Complete protection of the inbox to competitive prices
Extremely precise filtrate
Easy Configuration
It increases to the continuity and redundancy of the incoming e-mail
Multiple Reports
Friendly interface to maintain to you in total control on your e-mail
To increase the productivity of the employees.
Compatible with any servant of mail

Why to choose SpamExperts Incoming Filter?

The filter of incoming e-mail filters all the incoming e-mail and eliminates the Spam and the virus before these threats arrive almost at their network with a rate of precision of the 100%. The extensive Control Panel allows to maintain the total control you. In addition, in case his servant of e-mail does not work, its e-mail will be put in tail. Web can be acceded, be read and be responded to the messages of e-mail in tail through the interface, which is added to the continuity of its incoming e-mail.

Why you need a professional Incoming Filter?

If its Inbox is full of not asked for massive mail every day, then it is a signal that it needs a professional solution of incoming Filter. It obtains complete protection for his Inbox and takes leave of the threats of Spam, virus and malware.

How it works?

Once its domain is implemented (automatically) in the incoming filter and the filtrate activates, the e-mail will happen through cloud SpamExperts the filtrate. The incoming e-mails are analyzed safely in real time. Formation is not required or configurations and everything work of immediate form. Any detected message as Spam moves to the group of forty, whereas the wished mail is not sent to its servant of e-mail. The group of forty can be monitored in the SpamPanel easy to use, through e-mail information, or even directly in its e-mail client. It does not waste more time dealing with the Spam, simply concentrates his energy in the commercial tasks, while it maintains the total control.

Outgoing filtered email offers all these benefits him€¦.

Not more black lists
It protects the reputation of email and domain.
To avoid the elimination and its related costs
It increases to the continuity and the delivery of the salient e-mail
To improve the productivity of the employees
To improve the manageability of the abuse.

That filtering is outgoing?

Outgoing Filtering Email guarantees that all salient e-mails arrive safely at their destiny. This professional solution will avoid that the Spam and the virus leave their network and will avoid that their IPs returns to be in the black list. In addition, the salient filter of SpamExperts offers to the information and the tools him to detect accounts it jeopardize and to block the Spamming users.

Because you need it?

Sometimes has its network sent e-mails nonwished without its knowledge? Due to the weaknesses of the network, almost any device can turns it jeopardize to transmit salient smtp, which allows that the Spam or malware is sent from their network without you know it. Therefore, it is fundamental that you invest in a solution of professional salient filter. It maintains the good reputation of his company, avoids that the wished mail does not leave its network and avoids to be including in the black list so that its e-mail always arrives at where it must go.

Email archiving gives you all these benefits€¦

Includes Incoming & Outcoming Filtering Email!
Never lose an email again!
Legal Achieve compliance
Improve IT system performance
User friendly dates-protection management
Added email continuity, journaling support, and easy re-delivery
Compressed, encrypted and secure files

Archiving email

Archiving email you preserve and protects all inbound and outbound for email messages to later Access. It is to great way to recover lost or accidentally deleted emails, accelerate audit response, secure intellectual property emails and attachments, ace well for ace €œeDiscovery€ purposes in marries of litigation.

Why you need it

Plow does you desperately looking for an important email from last to year, but can't seem to find it and you're risking to fine or losing an important business deal ace the result of this? Prevent this with to professional Archiving Email solution. Email Archiving is to critical tool to preserves to secure backup of all email and sees legally compliant.

AT the same tricks out of, ace judicial email exchanges have power and plows legally binding, email compliance there are become an extremely important concern for organizations. Therefore it is mandatory in certain you train to preserves to secure backup of all email messages and sees legally compliant.

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Frequent questions

As it works?

The e-mail enruta through the intelligent servers of self-training of SpamExperts who will detect and block the Spam before he arrives at you.

So precise What is the filtrate?

Thanks to the processing of million e-mails every day, our filters of e-mail have a rate almost leader in the industry with the 100% of precision.

I can recover messages that are blocked?

Yes, a complete Control Panel with search of registries, group of forty and many other tools allows to verify the state him of any e-mail that has happened through the system.

How long one takes in forming?

The configuration is fast, automated and will be ready and working to protect its e-mail in minutes.