Emails takes in arriving

We count on a Spam control that rejects emails of nonfrequent senders and asks for the servant of the sender who tries again in 1 min, this is made with the purpose of to reject much mail Spam since the Spammers only make an attempt of delivery in their majority.

Sometimes by configuration of the servant of the sender min does not try to give in 1, can be formed in making a second attempt in 1 hour, is why sometimes they take in arriving.

Two things can be done, to enter to their webmail with the masterful account so that it applies the change to all the domain to his account of mail so that it only works in his account, in Parameters of the Domain or Parameters of the Filtered account of Mail nonwished/Sending Insurances; there they can add the domain or account of mail of his contacts and the system no longer would apply that rule to him of Spam control.

Another option is to ask for the doubtful €œsending€ decontamination of that Rule to the support area whereas clause that can increase the Spam that arrives at its account of mail

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