What is WordPress?

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What is WordPress?

WordPress (WP or Word Press) is a platform CMS that allows the management of contents oriented to the creation of websites, the simplicity of this platform emphasizes from its functions by the great amount of developer and designers 

WordPress is an ideal system for a website that is updated periodically of very simple way.

It is the ideal system for the nascent ones and professional, he is very flexible and personalizable.


WordPress has a system of plugins, that allows to extend the capacities of WordPress, of that form obtains a more flexible CMS.

to use wordpress

Why I can use WordPress?

As we already saw, the platform works to create any type of website. Although he is a little more focused to the blogs, are also possible to be created:

  • Corporative webpages
  • Virtual stores (e-commerce)
  • Pages of capture
  • Catalogues in line
  • Static€ or more traditional websites €œ
  • Much more

Plugins for Wordpress

Plugins of wordpress is accessories that allow to increase the possibilities of WordPress until unimaginable limits. Plugins is used to improve WordPress in areas of Marketing, Social Networks, Security, SEO, design Web, Virtual Administration of Content, traffic Web, Stores, Payments with Card, etc.


The subjects or templates are groups that are used in WordPress to modify the design of the site. It exists many gratuitous subjects and of payment that helps to adapt WordPress to anyone of your needs.

Most recommendable it is to invest in €œa premium€ subject since it offers many more possibilities of design and personalisation. The subjects premium that I recommend to you more are:

  • theme-fusion.com
  • themes.muffingroup.com
  • ThemeForest.net
  • elegantthemes.com

Also they exist templates free.

For which WordPress?

WordPress offers many advantages, between which they emphasize:

  • It is very easy to learn to use it and is within reach of any user
  • Technical knowledge are not needed, of programming or design Web to create a website
  • The maintenance it can make the same user
  • Installation and configuration in a few minutes
  • Friendly with the web search engines SEO
  • Many possibilities of design
  • One adapts any type of necessity on the Web


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