Manual of Awstats Statistics (Interpretation)

This it is a summary for the best interpretation and analysis of the AWStats statistics of his site. You can see laversión demo of this system of statistics.

  • Number of visits: A new visit by each new visitor is considered who consults a page that has not acceded to site in the last 60 min.
  • Number of different visitors: number of servers (directions IP) who enter a site (and which at least they visit a page). It reflects the number of different natural people that they have acceded to a site in a single day.
  • Hits: Number of times that a page, image or file of a single site are seen or unloaded by a visitor.
  • Bytes: The number of kilo bytes unloaded by the visitors of the site.
    The volume of data unloaded by all the pages, images and archives or files measured in kilo talk about to bytes.
  • Pages: Number of occasions that a page of the site has been seen. One distinguishes of €œhits€ because it counts only pages HTML, and not graphical them or other archives or files.
  • Duration of the visits: It measures the duration of the visits according to the following intervals: from 0 to 3 sg, of 30 S.A. min, 2 to 5 min, 5 to 15 min, 15 to 30 min, 30 min to 1 h, or of more than one hour.
  • Identification of users by: domains, countries, servers, (directions nonidentified including).
  • Visits of Robots/Spiders (indexers): The Robots are automatic visitors who scan or travel by their site to index it, or to hierarchize it, to compile statistics of websites, or to verify if its site is connected to the Network. The program awstats recognizes up to 287 robots
  • Accesses: Pages of entrance or URL of your Web to which your users have acceded.
  • Pages of exit: URLs of your Web from where your visitors have left.
  • Connections to the site: Origins of connections to your Web, since links have acceded to your Web.
  • Connections from external pages: (excepting web search engines). Access to a listing of pages of external sites used to accede or to connect with its site
  • Connections from some web search engine.
  • Key words used by the web search engine: Origin of the connection and Keyword search. He is able to recognize a visit his website generated by a search from anyone of the 61 more popular web search engines and directories Internet (Yahoo, AltaVista, Lycos, Google, Terra, etc€¦ and the words and phrases (Keyphrases or Keywords) used by the visitor.
  • Codes of errors of Protocol HTTP: It will be able to easily detect any existing problem in his website. The majority of the errors is generated by the demand of nonexistent pages through broken or obsolete connections, images that they have not loaded or they are not in the correct directory, archives lost, damaged or incomplete and scripts that does not work correctly.
  • URLs solicitd but not encontadas: (code 404 of protocol HTTP).

Note: AWStats is gratuitous, is distributed under license GNU.

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