Google Chrome is not safe and Firefox marks not surely as my webpage without http://

The update of Google Chrome 68 could affect its business

Google will be updating the navigating Web Chrome to Google Chrome 68 this month of July to explicitly mark the websites that are safe and nonsafe. 

How it affects this its business?

The security Web always has been important and, through navigator Chrome updated, Google it must as objective more surely create surroundings in the Web. How? When the marking nonsafe websites. This definitively could have a negative impact in its business.

  1. The clients will be tired to realise transactions in a website that is not safe. Google Chrome 68 now will mark the websites as nonsafe if they are not encriptados. With a site not surely, the visitors, the sales, the subscriptions, the purchases and the businesses could disappear
problem site security without certificate SSL

2. Google will begin to prioritize the websites that are safe in the part superior of the page of results of the web search engine. Therefore, the websites that are not safe will have a classification inferior and their clients will have difficulties search their website.

How he can cause that their website is safe?

Coding The coding is a mathematical process of file conversion in a code to avoid the nonauthorized access. The amount of bits forms the size of the key. The bits can be of 40 bits, 56 bits or 256 bits. The more great it is the bit, the more hard it is the coding.

A digital certificate as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a technology that establishes a communication encriptado between a Web server and a navigator. With SSL, its website he is safe since the information is encriptada, which prevents the access to the hackers. A digital certificate in a website activates a padlock and the protocol HTTPS that to a navigator allows to a safe connection from a Web server. With a certificate SSL in their website, the clients feel like insurances when sharing personal data and to realise transactions.

The advantage of OneTheApp

In agreement with the objective of Google to cause that Internet is surroundings more surely, in OneTheApp we will offer gratuitous basic SSL to help to its company and its clients, and are in process to do it available in all our servers of Web. Make sure search in the panel of clients in additional component services, Certificate SSL and to modify its code to force to that all the visits to their site are by means of https:// 


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