Problem memory_limit of Wordpress

It gets to happen that in some process of WordPress as the configuration of warms up to you or some plugin that muetra an error as this:

WordPress has by limited by default 40M


Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 157286400 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 5775295 bytes)

Limit of memory of 40 WP Megabyte €“ We recommended to form the memory in 128MEGABYTE at least.

It means that PHP, the language used by WordPress, need to use more memory to complete the task that you finish trying.

The solution is to increase the amount of memory assigned to PHP.

WordPress comes pre formed to use 40 at the most Megabyte ram of the servant for each process to solution. This forming limits settles down memory_limit of PHP even though this but high, if you need that WordPress can use but memory for each process you must modify the file wp-config of the installation of WordPress

As long as memory limit this forming as but high in the servant, podras to specify wp-config 

Wp-config.php publishes the file and adds this line

it defines (€˜WP_MEMORY_LIMIT€™, €˜128M€™);

Assure to you to use an up-to-date version of PHP because oldest they are less efficient.

If you have the memory to the maximum and continuous with the error could be a problem of plugin or warms up to you that these working.

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