That it is Google Search and so that serves? (Google Web Tools Master)

Google Webmaster Tools (for some time, Google Search Console), is a set of tools that Google offers to have but information on as this indexed our page in Google

If these analyzing your site to improve the position in which it appears your website are an essential tool of Google for the analysis SEO. It offers information on the data that we sent to Google; its state and quality.


How to verify Google Webmaster Tools

Several forms exist to verify that you are the proprietor of this domain before Google shows data to you exceeds he. It is necessary to say that some of the possibilities that Google Webmaster Tools offers are more complicated than others so I will remain with 3 easier:

Also there is plugins that allows the connection in the majority of platforms: Yoast in WordPress


How to use Google Search Console

It offers much information but the ideal is to cross it with your statistics of Google Analitics


Google Webmaster Tools muesra: quality of data of ours site (for SEO on page), tracking and indexing of ours site and other tools. Concerning quality of data, in Google Webmaster Tools we can accede how it sees Google:
  • Our structured data (marked of and, for example)
  • Our goal data: it puts title, it puts description and nonindexable content
  • The movable usability of ours site
  • The correct one marked in the international segmentation of languages and countries (labels hreflang)
  • The density of the most excellent words within our content
  • Detected parameters of URL: (? id=? content=€¦)

Concerning tracking of Google Bot and indexing:

  • The blocked resources: URLs nonreastreables and that Google needs to interpret our page correctly (images, style sheets, archives Javascript€¦)
  • The number of URLs sent and indexed
  • The number of URLs eliminated
  • The number of URLs blocked by the file robots.txt
  • The errors in sitemaps
  • The errors 40x and 50x (pages nonfound, fallen servant, pages to which the finder does not have access by blockade of the servant)
  • Statistics of tracking: pages, kilobytes and daily time of unloading
  • The tool to explore site as if we were Google in version writing-desk, and Smartphone

In addition, Google Webmaster Tools shows other aspects to us as:

  • The problems of security of our page: malware, contained potentially dangerous€¦
  • Action manuals against ours site (of hand of the Quality Raters de Google, that is to say, penalties)
  • Elimination of URLs
  • Data of searches, total position of keyword, clicks, impressions and segmentation of these data by keyword, URL, country, device, type search and date
  • Connections to our webpage (backlinks)
  • Internal liaisons of our page to our page
  • Marked tester of e-mail
  • Marked assistant of data structured for applications of software, articles, local busines, episodes of TV, events, films, products, reviews of books, restaurants€¦

Traffic search > analysis search. Here you have we can see considering of keywords and URLs that estan contributing but traffic to us and to cross this URLs with the sampling that contributes Analytics to see to us what €œkeywords > URLs€ is contributed to more transactions and income to us.

This tool is a good point of dot if you want to prepare a webpage and to see what positioning has. Some details as the key words in finders, adaptability in devices or the internal liaisons. By its condition of gratuitous tool, Google Webmaster Tools is interesting for individuals and SMEs. Perhaps the main problem is in the capacity of adaptation to the SEO of the neophytes, but this it is not a defect of the application.


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