That it is SiteLock and as works



It is a solution of security for websites. It analyzes his site in search of vulnerabilities and it detects malware that it can affect to his visitors robbing information or turning aside the traffic to another site.

If the system detects malware or some fault of security we will send a mail to him so that it can solve that fault, if it wishes that the system solves malware of automatic form must contract our professional version. The security scanner verifies all their site to dectectar common vulnerabilities as operation of electronic frauds, injection SQL and commandos between site XSS.

In case of finding some code we will send a warning to you by mail, indicating the exact location.

With a professional plan our tool would eliminate malware without needing doing nothing automatically. The system maintains its safe site and monitors that their site is not including in the black list of the finders.

The being registered in black list of the finders can affect his image before his clients. If he already has some service of webhosting, he only initiates session in our site and in the section of services he can add the additional service to the site that wishes.



How act does SiteLock?

€“ The website scans on a daily basis

€“ Malware detects and eliminates

€“ Alert of security failures

€“ The load of the site accelerates

€“ It watches that your website does not fall in black lists

€“ It certifies that your Web is safe

SiteLock is able to block hostile software, to alert to you of failures of security in your Web, to prevent it to fall in black lists 

To guarantee to your visits that your website Web is safe by means of the incorporation of Sello de Seguridad.

Why it is necessary to protect our website?

You knew that only in 2016 they occurred near 78 billion of websites infected because of attacks of hackers and digital pirates?

The first cause of infection was the diffusion of malware, able to infiltrate in your personal computer and to damage its system, acceding to sensible data as passwords and credit cards


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