Wildcard SSL

To assure limitless subdomains in a single certificate.

What is a certificate SSL Wildcard?

Wildcard SSL (or SSL joker) allows him to assure a limitless number of subdomains in a single certificate. It is a great solution for any person who provides with accomodations or administers several sites or webpages that exist in the same domain. The unique cost of the certificate covers the additional subdomains that can add in the future.

Unlike a standard Certificate SSL that is emitted to a single name of complete domain, p.ej: www.sudominio.com, which means that only it can be used to exactly protect the domain like which has been emitted, whereas a Certificate SSL Wildcard is emitted to *.sudominio.com, where the asterisk represents all the possible subdomains.

Wildcard SSL is an option available for certificates SSL of DV and OV.

Pricing certifies to you

RapidSSL Wildcard

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  • Websites personnel
  • USD $10,000
  • 99,9%
  • $147,00 USD/anual
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