Wix Configurar service of Email MX Record

If it wishes to have his service of Webpage with Wix but to maintain the service of mail with us, it can change dns in the panel of clients of our page entering with his email and password

We count on multiple Sites that use the service of Wix, and our service of Mail

They only must enter the panel of Wix, in Domains and Mail (To administer)/ Advanced/To publish DNS

To create A (Host) 

HostIt points aTTL

mail.tudominio200.52.83.561 Hour

The IP must request it to the support area since it is different according to the mail servant

To keep DNS

To select Post-office boxes

To change configurations

Your supplier of Email
Another one

Registries MX
 + Agregar another one
 HostIt points aPriorityTTL
1 hour

  • to change dns, wix, to modify dns
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